• The exhibition which has been held since 2009 had a significance position for the carrosserie industry in the global marketplace and also has a strategic meaning in order to introduce products or component of carrosseries that is generated by The Askarindo members.
    - Mr. Sommy LUmadjengChairman of Association of Indonesian Carosseries Industries (ASKARINDO)
  • IIBT is very potential show in Indonesia, The visitor is very professional and most of them are potential purchaser in bus & truck business. All of our IIBT 2016 Exhibitor got many potential client. We will organize bigger group to join in IIBT 2017.
    - China Public Transportation Association (CPTA)
  • I’ve been very surprised by the quality of visitors. We have very positive exchanges with buyers from many different overseas countries in same industry
    - Werry Yulianto, Mr.Marketing Manager of Laksana, CV.

Coach and Bus (Including Carosserie)

Large and Medium Coach (including Public Transport Coach and Tourism Coach), City Bus, Rural Bus, Bus & Coach Equipped with New Fuel Power, RV & Caravan, Airport Transit Coach, Chassis.


Heavy /Medium /Light Duty Truck, and Pickup Truck, Cab-behind Engine Truck, Cab-over Engine Truck, Tractor, Trailer, Semi-trailer, Dump Truck, Mining Truck, Crane /Lift Truck, Tank Truck, Container Carrier, Bulk-cement Truck, Van, Refrigerated Truck, Insulated Truck, Fire Fighting Truck.

Heavy Duty Vehicle & Equipment

Construction Vehicle/Machine/Equipment, Mining Vehicle/Machinery/Equipment, Heavy Duty Truck, Heavy Duty Trailer/Agricultural & Forestry Vehicle and Equipment, Tractor, Hydraulic and Crane, Forklift and Warehouse Equipment, Hydraulic Mounted Crane, Logging Truck and Trailer, Industry Machinery and Material Handling, Heavy Duty Vehicle Spare Parts and Accessories, Specialized Solutions in Welding.

Special Vehicles

Armoured Personnel Carrier, Tank, Military, Civil Defense and Police Vehicle, Ambulance.

Parts, Components and Accessories

Spare Parts & Components: ABS, Auxiliary Power Units, Air-Conditioning, Axle, Air Suspension, Batteries, Bearings, Brakes, Clutches, Cockpits, Cooling Systems, Container of Truck , Engine, Exhaust & Fuel System Components, Fasteners, Filter, Heating, Panoramic Roofs, Radiator, Rubber Parts, Sealing Rings, Seats, Sensor Systems, Shock Absorber, Spark Plug, Steering System, Suspensions, Tail Plate, Loading & Unloading Platform, Tires, Transmission, Windows, etc. Accessories: Bodywork Equipment & Accessories, Car Audio, Car Fragrance, Equipment for Vehicle, Safety Belt, Interior Equipment & Accessories, Interior Equipment & Accessories, Luggage Racks & Handrails, Lighting/Signaling, Safety Glass, GPS System, Wheel.

New Technology Application in Fuel Emission & Environmental Protection

Electric Engine; Fuel Cell engine; Hydrogen Engine; Hybrid Power.

Management and IT System

Insurance, Leasing, Banking, Consulting, Certification, Financial, IT System, CRM.

Exhibitor List